Most frequent questions and answers

Where are you located?

We are located at NH 66 Byepass, near Oberon Mall, Ernakulam. You can zoom into the map or call us directly to get assistance right here.

Do you have interiors demo?

Yes, we do have interiors setup ready to be explored at our showroom. It could be a bedroom, a kitchen or in fact a complete house. How about you drive the car and come have a look at our art works. Secret tip : Tell the executive that you visited the showroom because of this answer, you could even get a discount (wink, wink).

How affordable are your furnitures?

It’s not that cheap to break down the quality, but it’s not expensive either. In fact we have both and the intermediate one to help you choose your favourite. What else do you need?

Can I make a purchase online?

Obviously, you can make a purchase online and wait for a call from our executive to execute the order. We got it covered and your furniture is being packed up for a shipment (woohoo)!

What are the payment options?

VISA card, MasterCard, Net Banking and the most trending UPI. It’s as simple as that!